Sunday, May 26, 2024

Topic: Palestine solidarity

Oxford Police arrest students during Gaza solidarity protest

Tensions flared on the University of Oxford campus as police arrested 16 students participating in a peaceful sit-in at the Administrative Offices demanding the university cut ties with Israeli institutions over the ongoing violence in Gaza.

Ashoka University students demand cut-off of ties with Tel Aviv University over complicity in Gaza genocide, admin says “university does not take political stances”

Upholding the Palestinian demand for a boycott of Israeli universities complicit in the genocidal war on Gaza, the student government at Ashoka University called on the administration to suspend institutional ties with Tel Aviv University.

Jewish foundation cuts off millions in funding to Columbia over pro-Palestine protests

The Russell Berrie Foundation, a major donor to Columbia University, has suspended its funding for the Ivy League university in the wake of pro-Palestine protests on campus, the New York Times reported on Friday.

Pressure mounts as pro-Palestine protests in US universities persist despite severe crackdown

Pro-Palestinian protestors across the United States brave increasing pressure from colleges and universities to disband their tent encampments. 

Gaza protests in US universities: Over 550 students arrested so far

Around 550 arrests have been made in the last week across major US universities as police crackdown on peaceful and iconic protests against Israel’s war in Gaza.

Hyderabad University fines students Rs 1,000 each for conducting “UoH for Palestine” protest

At least six students were fined Rs 1,000 each and were warned to be cautious by the University of Hyderabad for conducting a Palestine solidarity march inside the campus on 27 October last year.