Jamiat Ulema moves Supreme Court on fake news related to Tablighi event

Complaining that the media and BJP IT cells are spreading Islamophobia over last month’s Tablighi Jamaat congregation in Delhi, the Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind has moved the Supreme Court seeking directions to the Centre to stop the dissemination of “fake news” and take strict action against those responsible for it.

The plea filed by Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind and the secretary of its legal cell, through lawyer Ejaz Maqbool, contended that the unfortunate incident of the Tablighi Jamaat was being used to “demonize” and blame the entire Muslim community in the country.

The plea has sought directions to the Centre to stop dissemination of fake news and take strict action against the section of the media spreading bigotry and communal hatred in relation to the Nizamuddin Markaz issue.

At least 9,000 people had participated in the religious gathering at Tablighi Jamaat’s headquarters in Nizamuddin West last month.

The congregation became one of the many important sources for the spread of COVID-19 in India as many of the participants traveled to various parts of the country.

There are several fake reports and videos circulating on social media, showing Muslims in bad light.

The petition stated that this “demonization” of the community has led to serious “threat to life and liberty of Muslims”, and has thus led to the violation of their “right to life under Article 21” of the Constitution.

The petition has also sought a direction to all sections of the media to strictly comply with the Supreme Court directions asking them to maintain a strong sense of responsibility and ensure that unverified news is not disseminated.

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