Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Rajasthan: Magistrate accused of asking Dalit rape survivor to undress, FIR filed

Police in Rajasthan have filed an FIR against a magistrate over allegations that he asked a Dalit woman, a rape survivor, to remove her clothes.

On 20 March, the woman went to the magistrate’s office to record her statement in connection with the rape case, according to the FIR. After her statement was recorded and she was leaving the office, the magistrate allegedly called her back.

The FIR read: “I was called back and asked to remove my clothes so he could see the bruises. I said, ‘how can I show you my bruises?’ I would have been comfortable in front of a woman, but the judge insisted. Then the judge told me not to inform anyone regarding this matter. I request authorities to take action in this matter.”

“We have started the process and, after recording her statement under 164 CrPC, we will apply for permission to question the magistrate,” Deputy Superintendent of the SC/ST cell, Mina Meena, who is investigating the matter, said to The Indian Express.

Meanwhile, the judge has not been named in the FIR.


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