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SAU student fighting for life after cardiac arrests following suspension for protesting, seeks financial help now

In a distressing turn of events, Ammar Ahmad, a 23-year-old student pursuing Sociology at South Asian University, remains confined to a hospital bed for over 9 months following a cardiac arrest. This dire situation stems from the suspension he faced after his involvement in student protests and subsequent receipt of a rustication notice. Ammar, once celebrated for his eloquence and poetic prowess, now battles to utter even a single word, while his family grapples with the daunting challenge of preserving his life.

Since October 10, 2022, the South Asian University campus has been rife with protests demanding inclusive education for the socio-economically marginalized students.

Amar’s friend Naseer Ahmad, who has taken on the task of raising funds for Ammar, voiced the collective sentiment, revealing the administration’s arbitrary expulsion of five students without due process, further stoking the flames of discontent.

Amid his ongoing psychiatric treatment, Ammar could not endure the relentless harassment inflicted upon his academic pursuits. His active participation in the protests led to a rustication notice, outlining his grievances.

In a meeting with the administration, Ammar shed light on his financial struggles, unable to subsist on a meager stipend of ₹4,000 per month. However, his plea fell on deaf ears as he was served with a rustication notice without any semblance of due procedure or explanation.

“He narrated the situation of his family, about ailments of his mother and father…. However, on 4 November, he was sent a rustication notice from the office of the proctor without any due procedure or show cause notice,” a press release by the student’s body had indicated.

Even though the university mitigated his rustication and changed it to suspension till 11 November, he was informed of this change only on 23 November.

Tragically, on the night of November 22, 2022, Ammar suffered a cardiac arrest, an event that led to his immediate hospitalization. Rushed to Primus Super Speciality Hospital, his condition was dire — unconscious, frothing at the mouth, and bleeding from the tongue.

For 25 days, he remained in the ICU, and was later transferred to Al-Shifa Multi-Speciality Hospital. Despite being in the care of medical professionals, Ammar’s motor functions are severely limited. Doctors concur that his journey to recovery demands long-term medical care, along with intensive physiotherapy, speech therapy, and neurotherapy.

The university, which initially pledged to shoulder Ammar’s medical expenses, now distances itself from its commitment, alleged students.

Naseer Ahmad encapsulated the collective frustration, asserting that the institution had abandoned Ammar in his hour of need. Despite the sporadic support from a few faculty members, friends, and family, the mounting hospital bills, which have already accumulated to a staggering 8,00,000 INR, remain a daunting obstacle.

Ammar’s journey to recovery is far from over. The road ahead demands substantial financial resources, with projections indicating the need for 7-8 lacs INR to cover several more months of essential treatments, encompassing physiotherapy, neurology consultations, speech therapy, medications, and ongoing home care medical provisions.

Hailing from an economically modest background, Ammar Ahmad, who completed his B.A. in Sociology from Aligarh Muslim University, and later pursued his Master’s degree at South Asian University, is now battling not just for his health, but also against the burdensome weight of financial strain.

Here is the fundraiser for Ammar.

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