Sunday, December 3, 2023

Video goes viral; Twitter calls Modi ‘Reincarnation of Nazi Hitler’

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A video with photo collages of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and German politician and leader of the Nazi Party Adolf Hitler has gone viral.

Twitterati including actor Prakash Raj and activist Asif Khan tweeted the video by calling Modi ‘Reincarnation of Nazi Hitler.’

Many critics say that the Narendra Modi government’s recent National Register of Citizens (NRC) and Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) processes are eerily reminiscences of the Nuremberg Laws passed by the Adolf Hitler’s Nazi government in 1935.

“Coupled with the Citizenship Amendment Bill, the National Register of Citizenship is India’s version of Germany’s 1935 Nuremberg Laws, by which German citizenship was restricted to only those who had been granted citizenship papers—legacy papers—by the government of the Third Reich. The amendment against Muslims is the first such amendment. Others will no doubt follow, against Christians, Dalits, Communists—all enemies of the RSS.” award winning author Arundhati Roy wrote in an article published in The on November 22, 2019.

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