Watch: ‘An Ode to Fascism’- Poem

Celine Mary

Roses are red and violets are blue
You are such a liar; but that’s why I love you
What’s so special about truth anyway
Facts, data, figures, numbers, history? that’s hard work; phew!!!

Rather, Its your recklessness that I so love
Oh yes, and your hatred for that stupid dove
Peace they call it, oh please; that’s for the coward
What we need is some pull, some push and some shove

Oh You great one, leading your army of trolls
Speech and action and thought you control
Fear is what you leave in your wake
In their heart, their mind and their soul

You are not to be questioned, you are beyond reproach 
Oh you perfect one, what they need is probably a coach 
Still dissenting? let’s beat them to submission 
Into their bedroom, living room and kitchen, let’s encroach

Does she Doubt you? Oh, she is a traitor 
Who can be compared to you, who is greater
There was, nor is, and will be nothing 
You started it, facilitated and you are the creator

Their thoughts, their speech, their dreams they want free
They have this funny idea, they call it a democracy
But isn’t it only you who knows what’s best for me
Oh Fascism, how I love thee!!


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