Saturday, December 2, 2023

Topic: Movie Review

Bulbbul: A subversive retelling of a Gothic folklore

Bulbbul can be classified as a feminist fable that is prevalent in today’s times.

Recovering the ‘political’ from ‘aesthetic’: Watching ‘Nasir’

I think it’s important to remark the contradictions and slight manipulations on the structural anatomy of the film’s content.

Trance – Fahad’s eyes intoxicate more than the movie itself

From psycadelic edits to a trippy subject, Trance has it all - not to mention all the biggies of Malayalam film industry. And whoever couldn't have a screen presence, found spot in its credits. To begin with, Anwar Rasheed tried it all - a controversial subject, all the starry faces that could be fit in, the celebrated clash of religion - logic - media and well, ofcourse, Pastor Joshua Carlton himself - Fahad Faasil.

‘Joker’: We are all mad here

Tapatrisha Das A public washroom, a blood smeared gun, two feet slow dancing with fingers drawing patterns in air, a face smeared with colors of...

Simple and aching: ’96

With no spoilers given, let me assert that the film will leave you hanging, incomplete and hoping for something more to come, maybe even a cliché ending we have seen and is ever seen to. 

Kaala: Multiple voices that take on Capitalism and Hindutva: A Review

Kaala is not about creating one large icon like Hari Dada but celebrating the thousands of icons of Dharavi who face the brutality of capital, caste, and religious bigotry.