Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Topic: Netflix

Hindutva campaign and FIR: Netflix withdraws Nayanthara’s Annapoorani, Zee Studios apologies

Following a targeted hate campaign by Hindutva social media handles and a Mumbai Police FIR for 'hurting Hindu religious sentiments,' Netflix withdrew the Tamil movie 'Annapoorni,' starring Nayanthara and Jai.

‘One account for one household’: Netflix ends password sharing for users in India

Netflix on Thursday announced that it is bringing additional restrictions on account and password sharing in India.

Cobalt Blue: A familiar hue in a sea of foreignness

Sachin Kundalkar’s Cobalt Blue, now streaming on Netflix, further mystifies the old and numbing habit called love.

Trailer | My Best Friend Anne Frank

Netflix has revealed an official trailer for a Dutch film titled My Best Friend Anne Frank, the first ever Dutch movie made about Anne Frank.

Why Squid Game is actually a critique of meritocracy

Matt Bennett, University of Essex Squid Game, Netflix’s latest runaway success, has set new records for views and generated a flurry of comment pieces, memes,...

Abdul Ali (player 199) – The true MVP of Squid Game

Episode 4 describes Ali as the quintessential South Asian, working class Immigrant. The exact words used are – “Strong and Dependable like the anchor of a ship”!. However, very much like in the real world , Ali is both lauded and exploited by his team mates for the same qualities.