Tuesday, March 5, 2024

The Anti-Terrorism Ad, Spreading Peace in The Holy Month

The Kuwaiti telecom company, Zain have hit this Ramadan with a powerful musical spot urging the Arab world to stand against suicide bombings. The three minute video reflects upon the concept of worshiping god with love and not terror.

The video shows a suicide bomber who comes out into the street projecting his suicide vest and is confronted by wounded people, could be representing the victims of previous attacks. The people criticize the man and then try to convince him that God is peace. “Confront your enemy with peace and not war”, they say. The video has also casted actual survivors of a Kuwaiti terrorist attack. It ends with the man, falling to his knees, his faith proven wrong. So far three million You Tube viewers are sharing this message of peace.

Compiled by Fayiza CA ( Intern at Maktoob Media)


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