Tuesday, March 5, 2024

39 Palestinians released from Israeli prisons

Palestinian officials confirmed that Israel had released 39 Palestinians as part of the truce deal between Israel and Hamas.

Journalists have sighted buses carrying Palestinian women and children imprisoned by Israel at the Baitunia checkpoint after they were released from Ofer prison.

Marah Bakir is among the first group of Palestinian women and children released from the Ofer prison as part of a truce deal between Israel and Hamas on Friday.

Israel has held Bakir for eight years and placed her in solitary confinement since 7 October, when Hamas launched its raid into southern Israel for nearly seven weeks.

Footage online showed Bakir embracing her family, who were waiting outside for the Palestinian woman.

She told Al Jazeera police carried out a DNA test, among other tests before being told that she would not be allowed to celebrate upon being released.

“I’m a little nervous and stunned, I can’t believe I’m out,” she said.

According to her, police also informed the other detainees who have been released that if any celebrations were going to take place, and if any flags were going to be waved upon their release, that they would be “re-arrested”.

“The years spent in jail were hard … but I have a strong personality … and faith in God,” Bakeer said. Her family’s ongoing support helped her overcoming “difficult times” while in detention, she said.


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