Sunday, March 3, 2024

Displaced Palestinians including women and babies killed point-blank’ in Gaza school

Israeli forces carried out an execution-style killing of many Palestinians, including women, children, and infants, who had sought refuge inside the Shadia Abu Ghazala School in northern Gaza, revealed witnesses.

The brutal incident occurred in the Al Falujjah area, west of Jabalia refugee camp.

At least 15 bullet-riddled and decomposed bodies were found piled up at the school.

Disturbing footage obtained by Al Jazeera reportedly shows bodies, including those of newborns, piled up inside the school.

“The Israeli soldiers came in and opened fire on them,” a woman at the scene said.

“They took all men, then entered classrooms and opened fire on a woman and all the children with her.”

The woman said there were newborn children among them. “The Israeli soldiers executed those innocent families at point blank,” she added.

The victims were reportedly killed overnight Tuesday-Wednesday, but this could not be confirmed.

Israel has continuously targeted schools and hospitals, where tens of thousands of Palestinians displaced by the brutal Israeli air and ground campaign have taken shelter. Entire families and multi-storey buildings have been wiped out in Israeli airstrikes, and most of the 18,600 people killed since October 7 are women and children.


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