Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Israel bombs Al Jazeera and Associated Press offices in Gaza

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Photo: TRT world

Israel has razed to the ground a high-rise building housing residential apartments and media offices in Gaza City, including Al Jazeera Media Network and The Associated Press news agency.

“I have been working here for 11 years. I have been covering many events from this building, we have lived personal professional
experiences now everything, in two seconds, just vanished,” Al Jazeera’s Safwat al-Kahlout reacted to the destruction.

“All my colleagues, despite the sadness, they didn’t stop a second – they were looking for an alternative just to keep Al Jazeera on top of the news,” he added.

Al Jazeera’s Harry Fawcett, who has extensively reported from Gaza City, said: “This is a very personal moment for all of us. The idea that the place is not there any more is extraordinary to contemplate.”

This comes hours after Israeli warplanes killed ten members of a family in a refugee camp.

Al Jazeera broadcasted the air strikes live as the building collapsed.

“This channel will not be silence. Al Jazeera will not be silenced,” an on-air anchorwoman said, her voice thick with emotion. “We can guarantee you that right now.”

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