Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Reasoning the Dowry System to the Sociology Students in a College in Bangalore

“According to them, dowry has some advantages ” begins the list of justifications for the system of dowry in India, through a study material provided in one of the Educational Institue in India.

A picture of a page from a study material has been going viral in the social media, which states the advantages of dowry system. The material has been provided to a sociology class of 60 stating the different cons of a menace which is in actuality, backdropping a nightmare of the indian society.

It says, “it may provide for self-employment” or “dowry increases the status of women in family…” or hence the reasoning goes on. Is this kind of an assessment necessary for a stupid system to be taught into a society which has a long way to go, as questioned in the social media. However, the saddest part is, the teachers nor the students of St. Joseph’s College, Shanti Nagar, Bengaluru have reacted towards such an intimidating statement in a note of an indimidating system.

Perhaps if it is so necessary to evaluate the pros and cons of all the menace in the society, it would be indeed purposeful to put a study on the advantages and the disadvantages of rapes too.

Report – Tenaaz Mohazin


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