Friday, December 8, 2023

Kannuriki Kaalam; Tracing the nuances of socio-political differences of Kerala

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Cartoonist Unnikrishnan’s Kannirukki Kaalam traces the nuances of social and political differences since the state came into being. The display consists of over 60 caricatures, humorously capturing the essence of contemporary society from different areas such as politics, lifestyle, environment, and literature.

In an era where the Right to freedom of expression is challenged cartoons are a sigh of relief. They give us time to introspect and often make us laugh at the idiocracy of the society.

Unnikrishnan states that social media trolls make it challenging for cartoonists. Before we come up with the idea, the same would have already been shared through social media. There were several instances where we had to brainstorm and change our ideas due to this, he adds. Also, the artist recollects the amount of research done for Kanniruki Kaalam due to its diverse comparisons from different eras.

The seven-day show is being displayed at Chitrashala Art Gallery, Thrissur till March 23. The exhibition will be open to the public between 10 AM -6:30 PM.

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Radhika Menon
Radhika Menon
Radhika Menon is a freelance creative writer and journalism graduate.


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