Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Topic: Benjamin Netanyahu

Biden tells Netanyahu US won’t support counterattack against Iran: Report

The US president Joe Biden told the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a call yesterday that the US will not support any Israeli counterattack against Iran, Axios has cited a senior White House official as saying.

‘Ethnic cleansing by other means’: Netanyahu spills truth behind US-built port in Gaza

Suspicions around the new US-proposed makeshift port off Gaza became more evident as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hinted at using the port to deport Palestinians.

100 Chilean lawyers file petition at ICC against Netanyahu for “genocide” and “war crimes” in Gaza 

About 100 Chilean lawyers have registered a petition against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the International Criminal Court (ICC), on the grounds of committing crimes against humanity, genocide, and war crimes in Gaza.

“Netanyahu steals world’s joy for new year,” says Palestine

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates in Palestine said the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu chooses “the extermination of Palestinians over recognising their state.”

“Now, now”: Netanyahu heckled in parliament by families of captives

Families of captives, in a special session on 25 December, expressed impatience with Israel’s Prime Minister Benchamin Netanyahu's handling of the situation, after he called for more time to secure the return of the captives while underlining that it remained a priority.

Biden repeats Israeli version of deadly hospital strike, blaming Palestinians

US President Joe Biden has backed the Israeli claim that Palestinians were responsible for the deadly attack on al-Ahli al-Arab hospital.