Wednesday, November 29, 2023

“Hello world, this might be my last video as my phone battery is dying”: Gaza journalist Maha Hussaini

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Middle East Eye correspondent and Palestinian journalist Maha Hussaini who is on the ground in Gaza, in a video message, said: “Hello world, this might be my last video as my phone battery is dying.”

In a one minute and fifty second video, Hussaini describes what the situation is like as people lose connection and are “silenced” while Israel continues to bombard the Strip.

“Hello world, this is Maha Hussaini, a journalist from the Gaza Strip, and I am talking to you today as Israeli bombs are raining down on my city. This might be my last video, as my phone battery is dying while we are facing an almost complete blackout after the Gaza’s sole power plant has shut down. Israel has cut all fuel, electricity, food and water supplies into the blockaded Gaza Strip, leaving over two million residents with with no food supply or electricity supply, in total darkness and also completely cut off from the world,” she said.

She went on to say: “But us journalists, we are facing also immense challenges. Reporting on the ground and communicating with our colleague journalists and also staying connected to the internet. Everything and everyone can be targeted in Gaza. Everyday of reporting might be our last day of reporting. We have actually already lost at least nine fellow journalists who have been covering the events on the ground or were at their homes at the time of the attack. Dozens of media offices and journalists have been targeted. Dozens of media outlets in Gaza Strip have been targeted. And also, the internet services have been disrupted after Israel targeted and bombed the two main telecommunication companies in the Gaza Strip. So, while wiping out entire families and knocking down entire residential buildings, Israel is making sure that the victims do not have the access to the internet and also are completely disconnected from the world.”

Middle East Eye said it has struggled to stay in touch with Maha Hussaini due to power outages in Gaza.

“She may not be able to file her next story,” the media outlet said.

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